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Turck Cemetery
Intersection 2200 block Fairmont Dr. and 4300 block Hemingway Dr.
Grand Prairie, Texas 75054 USA
Turck cemetery is a corner lot in a residential area. It is completely fenced with a padlocked gate. There is a raised area with trees that is fenced but there are no visible tombstones.
The photos were taken February 2010 by Lynn Shumaker.
GPS Co-ordinates:  32.39763 & -97.02943
Turck Cemetery is a Grand Prairie Significant Landmark Site Medallion No. 14.
It is believed there are from four to six graves containing infants and small children from the families of Ed Turck and Will Turck. The land was originally the old Turck farm.
Grand Prairie Historical Commission - A Significant Landmark - Site Medallion No. 14
A closer view of the fenced tree area.
View of fenced Turck Cemetery with padlocked gate.
Tree area that is fenced. This fenced area is inside the main fence that surrounds the cemetery. It's possible the graves are near the trees.