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Vernoy Cemetery
(Dallas County)
Grand Prairie, Texas 75052 USA
Location: Starting at South Carrier Parkway in Grand Prairie, Tx., turn east onto East Crossland Boulevard. Continue into a gated community. At this point East Crossland turns into Winding Forest Drive. Continue on for awhile and then turn right on Boxwood Drive. The access path to Vernoy Cemetery is located between 3736 and 3728 Boxwood Drive.
Recorded: The tombstones were recorded March 23, 2010 by Tom Cogdell, Regina Shumaker and Lynn Shumaker. Row numbers were not used because of the random pattern of the tombstones. There appear to be unmarked graves.
History recorded by Pam Knight:
The cemetery was named for Thomas Vernoy, one of Grand Prairie’s first settlers, who donated the acre of land to the city in the late 1800’s. However, Mr. Vernoy’s remains, and those of his wife, Julia A. Vernoy, were moved to Old Southland Cemetery.

The plot was neglected for a number of years until it was cleaned up by the Boy Scouts. However, as the property is in the public domain, there is no organization charged with the maintenance of the area. The land will eventually be developed and the cemetery will be fenced.  There are members of twelve different families buried, and there is evidence of additional unmarked graves. The stones date from 1895 to 1916.
The lots are layed out in a fairly random pattern.
Aerial View
Path to Cemetery from Boxwood Drive
About halfway up the path to cemetery
End of path looking East
View of some tombstones
Another view of tombstones
Hammock and decorative items placed by neighbors