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Bradshaw Cemetery
believed to be on personal property in the vicinity of Carrier Parkway & Hwy. 161
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 USA
As of Nov. 2020, the cemetery has been located on the property of the family of Bill Strong on Carrier Parkway.
HISTORY recorded by Pam Knight:  
   This cemetery is believed to be a family cemetery. From prior descriptions it was located between present day Carrier Parkway (on the north & east) and Egyptian Rd (on the south) and NW 19th or now Hwy. 161. A large portion of this property now belongs to the Strong Family who have a Llama farm there.

     According to J. H. Brown’s verbal history of Dallas County, David Bradshaw was one of the early settlers of Dallas County.  It is believed he and his family arrived about 1849  by way of the Missouri Arkansas route and were granted a patent for 640 acres as part of the Peters’ Colony coming to Texas.  
     In order to colonize the Northern part of the Republic of Texas, land was offered to a group of twenty investors half from America and half from England, lead by a Kentucky musician and businessman, William Peters.  The initial contract  that was established about 1841 surveyed the land and divided it where each married men, or family received 640 acres while single men received 320 with an agreement to live and there had to be 200 families recruited in the next three years. Contract and land disputes slowed interest in moving to Texas so several extensions were granted until the contract finally expired in 1949 when the land became open land.

     The Bradshaw’s were neighbors to Robert Hight who was the first family member to be buried in the Jordan-Hight Family Cemetery in Grand Prairie.  

     Bradshaw’s land was located in what is now north Grand Prairie. The area where he built a house was mostly undeveloped, and covered with some trees and under growth in the 1980.  The cemetery was near the house under the shade of a large tree. In the early 1980’s when a Boy Scout troop cleaned the cemetery, there were several members of the Bradshaw family as well as some of their neighbors buried there. At that time there were several markers including one for the child, Leander Bradshaw. Recent searches have failed to even discover the whereabouts of this last trace of the Bradshaw Family Cemetery. It now exists only in the minds and memories of a few. 
Note:  Part of this information was retrieved from
(Submitted by Dorman Holub)