Grand Prairie Genealogical Society

Congratulations to our Lock-in Winners!  They are:

1.  4 Tickets to Epic Water with insulated tote bag, water bottle, towel and goggles:  Kathy Ritterhouse
2.  Jim the Book Man - donated a $35 certificate toward a bible or book repair:  Betty Perry
3.  4 Tickets to the GP Cinemark - Movie 16Tenie Savage
4.  1-year Genealogy Bank Membership (a $69.95 value):  Irene Garner
5.  A free 6 month membership to Ancestry.comRegina Shumaker
6.  A 1-year annual subscription to Fold 3:  Ruth Goodman
7.  A basic annual subscription to Newspaper.comKathy Ritterhouse
8.  3 Books:  Why are you Here, Ancestor Charts of Members of the GPGS, (donated by Pamela Flynt Knight)  
      and Legendary Locals of GP: (donated by Richard Waller):  Angela Arnold
9.  Beauty Gift Box:  Kathy Ritterhouse
10.  Men's Gift Box:  John Wylie
11.  Flower Gift Box:  Tenie Savage
12.  Tea Cup Box:  Irene Garner
13.  Three Community relations Track Packs at Lone Star Park (valued at $60):  Tenie Savage
14.  Two (5-way) Combo Tickets to Ripleys Believe it or NotKay Dunbar
15.  Matted Family Tree Picture (donated by Melissa Manuel):  Cynthia Poole
16.  Find My Past:  1 Month British Subscription and 1 Month Irish Subscription:  Judy J. White
I am happy to report that those winning multipe prizes were not mugged on their way out.  Congratulations to you all!  We are so happy to have you at our Lock-in and we appreciate all those that sponsored our raffle!  Thank you to everyone.

Join the Early Texans DNA Project!

The Early Texans DNA database is now live! Those who join the Early Texans DNA project can compare their DNA to other Early Texans descendants and collaboratively work to solve early Texas genealogical mysteries.

The project helps participants study the DNA of descendants of early settlers to discover information that can contribute to Texas history including:

  • Determine which admixtures are found in living Texans today.
  • Link those admixture results to early colonies or settlements.
  • Learn which segments of DNA are shared with other descendants of early settlers of Texas.
  • Assist those applying for TxSGS Heritage Certificates. DNA matches support claims of descent from a common ancestor and can provide clues as to where to locate documentary evidence.

Watch for many more exciting projects in the future!

Who can participate?

Membership in the project is open to everyone who has an ancestor that came to Texas by 31 December 1900. Those whose ancestors did not arrive while Texas was a Republic still have DNA that can help us make discoveries about our ancestors!

How do I join?
If you tested your DNA at Family Tree DNA, join the Early Texans DNA project. Instructions are found at

If you tested at a company other than Family Tree DNA, download your raw DNA data from that company and upload this DNA data file to Family Tree DNA. A small fee allows you to unlock FamilyTreeDNA's DNA analysis tools. Once your DNA data file is uploaded, join the Early Texans DNA project as described above.

After joining the Early Texans DNA project, submit the project application form found here (.PDF). This will allow us to link the Family Tree DNA kit number with your lineage. The lineages are uploaded to the Early Texans DNA database, building an early Texan family tree that may help researchers solve early Texan brick walls.

Provide a completed project application form by January 15 to be entered in a drawing for a free DNA Kit!!!

Great news for procrastinators! TxSGS leaders have extended the deadline to January 15th for eligibility to win a DNA kit after submitting your application forms to the Early Texans DNA Project. 

The database is online at
Project information is available at

The application form, which must be completed to be eligible to win free DNA test, is online at

The December 2018 issue of Stirpes includes a detailed article on the Early Texans DNA Database. See that issue, once it is published, for more information. The database is now live and can be explored by current and potential project members. Simply use the login "guest" and password "guest".



Microfilm Digitization at GPPL now Available!
          The digital copies of the microfilm are now available on the Roots computer at Main! There’s a shortcut called ‘Grand Prairie News Archives’ and from there Barron created a folder for each year. Each microfilm roll has been converted to one file and depending on the year there may be one file per year or several. Here are the papers that are covered:
  • Grand Prairie Hustler’ Aug 25, 1904-Aug 3, 1906 plus select Texas papers from Granbury, Young County, and the Pecos Valley from the late 19th/ early 20th century.
  • Grand Prairie Texan’:  Nov. 1908-1911, March 1919-Dec. 1932, 1934-37, Jan. 1953-Oct. 26, 1958. Please note that we do not have files or microfilm for 1938-1952.
  • Grand Prairie Daily News Texan’: Oct.29, 1958 – June 30, 1966.
  • Grand Prairie Daily News’: July 1, 1966 through June 1989
  • Grand Prairie News’: Sept 1989 through Feb. 10, 2000
  • Grand Prairie sections from Arlington for Feb 7, 2000-Dec 2001 and the ‘Dallas Morning News’ for 2003-2004.
Please note that the files are not keyword-searchable. Also we do still have the microfilm rolls back in Archives.  Each file is a PDF so patrons may zoom in and out and copy and paste articles.

Grand Prairie Library
The Grand Prairie Public Library System now offers a collection of digital books free for library card holders.
The eBranch collection allows patrons to access free titles on their smartphone, tablet, ereader or computer, including mininovels not available in print.  Up to three books can be checked out for a two-week period on 3M Cloud and Overdrive Read, app-driven tools added to eBranch.
After the two-week period, the book erases from the device.  Holds are available for up to five books if they are unavailable at the time of checkout.  The eBranch collection is available at Grand Prairie's Main Library, Betty Warmack Branch Library and Tony Shotwell Branch Library.