Grand Prairie Genealogical Society
Microfilm Digitization at GPPL now Available!
          The digital copies of the microfilm are now available on the Roots computer at Main! There’s a shortcut called ‘Grand Prairie News Archives’ and from there Barron created a folder for each year. Each microfilm roll has been converted to one file and depending on the year there may be one file per year or several. Here are the papers that are covered:
  • Grand Prairie Hustler’ Aug 25, 1904-Aug 3, 1906 plus select Texas papers from Granbury, Young County, and the Pecos Valley from the late 19th/ early 20th century.
  • Grand Prairie Texan’:  Nov. 1908-1911, March 1919-Dec. 1932, 1934-37, Jan. 1953-Oct. 26, 1958. Please note that we do not have files or microfilm for 1938-1952.
  • Grand Prairie Daily News Texan’: Oct.29, 1958 – June 30, 1966.
  • Grand Prairie Daily News’: July 1, 1966 through June 1989
  • Grand Prairie News’: Sept 1989 through Feb. 10, 2000
  • Grand Prairie sections from Arlington for Feb 7, 2000-Dec 2001 and the ‘Dallas Morning News’ for 2003-2004.
Please note that the files are not keyword-searchable. Also we do still have the microfilm rolls back in Archives.  Each file is a PDF so patrons may zoom in and out and copy and paste articles.
John Wylie Volunteer of the Year!
 John Wylie was chosen as this year's volunteer of the year
as he has worked relentlessly on many projects this year for
our Society.  Digitization of GP Tax Rolls, GP Woman's Club
scrapbooks, reshelving of genealogy books in the Roots Room
of our library, the Melba Woodson collection, are just a few of
the projects he has headed up the with help of many volunteers.
Although it was difficult to choose one person, in the end we
chose John Wylie for all of the above reasons & many more.
And, of course,  "Thank You" to ALL of the GPGS volunteers
through the year. We could not get anything done without our volunteers.
Grand Prairie Library
The Grand Prairie Public Library System now offers a collecion of digital books free for library card holders.
The eBranch collection allows patrons to acess free titles on their smartphone, tablet, ereader or computer,
including mininovels not available in print.  Up to three books can be checked out for a two-week period on
3M Cloud and Overdrive Read, app-driven tools added to eBranch.
After the two-week period, the book erases from the device.  Holds are available for up to five books if they
are unavailable at the time of checkout.  The eBranch collection is available at Grand Prairie's Main Library,
Betty Warmack Branch Library and Tony Shotwell Branch Library.

Bonnie Cockrum on Library Video!

GPGS Past-President Bonnie Cockrum is one of the stars of the Grand Prairie Public Library's July
"Check It Out" video.  She does a great job explaining our organization and describing our activities.
Visit the library's website at|||1|||1|||true to view the video (it's on the 0716 edition; her interview starts at about the 5:30 mark).
Support GPGS with your Kroger Card and Tom Thumb Card
Everytime you buy groceries at Kroger you can support GPGS.  Just visit the Kroger's website at and add the Grand Prairie Genealogical Society's Kroger
Community Rewards number (84534) to your card, and we will receive a percentage of your purchases.  Costs you nothing and GPGS benefits.
  To link your Tom Thumb Reward card to GPGS fill out the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor form found at   using our ID# 12309, then drop this form off at the courtesy desk at a Tom Thumb Store.  Members may visit secure downloads to get same form to fill out and take to store.