Grand Prairie Genealogical Society

Award and Recognitions

Each year, beginning in 2015, the Grand Prairie Genealogical Society Executive Board nominates and votes on a Volunteer of the Year.  Our society has many projects going through the year and their success is totally dependent on the efforts of the member volunteers.  The choice is always difficult and we are grateful for the efforts of all our volunteers.  Previous winners were:
  • 2019    Ruth Goodman 
  • 2018    Lee Ann Stone
  • 2017    Lynn Shumaker
  • 2016    John Wylie
  • 2015    Regina Shumaker
   At a ceremony on Saturday, June 17, 2017  the Grand Prairie Historical Organization honored six for their contribution to the history and preservation of Grand Prairie.
   Regina Shumaker with the Grand Prairie Genealogical Society received the Goodwin award for her efforts in heading up the Cemetery Project.
   The Rho Kappa of South Grand Prairie High School received the Dechman Award. The awards, named after Alexander Dechman and Micajah Goodwin early settlers of Grand Prairie, were presented by GPHO President Stephanie Moreno.

   Also recognized with Certificates of Appreciation were GPGS accepted by President, Mary Ann Hartsell, John Wylie, Amy Sprinkles and the Grand Prairie Parks, Arts and Recreation Department.
Photos courtesy Bob Fitch of  the Grand PrairieReporter.
GPGS has also been honored by the
Grand Prairie Historical Commission
previously for their work in and
for the community. 
     Each year the Texas State Genealogical Society gives out several awards at their annual conference in November.  GPGS has been honored with several awards over the years.  Most recently at the 2012 conference for our newsletter, Roots & Branches.  This is the third time GPGS has been awarded recognition for it's excellency .
     We are also proud of the fact that our website has been recognized for it's design.
     Congratulations to all the members for their input and talents to make the Grand Prairie Genealogical Society an award winning organization
2008 TSGS Newsletter Award
2010 TSGS
Web  & Newsletter Award
2011 TSGS Web Award 2012 TSGS Newsletter Award  
Legendary Locals of Grand Prairie
by Richard G. Waller
& Pamela Flynt Knight
(past Presidents of GPGS)
This is dedicated to the Grand Prairie Genealogical Society
and the Grand Prairie Historical Organization, who are dedicated
to the preservation of materials for future generations.